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DMM Nylon Ripstop 16mm

DMM Nylon Ripstop 16mm
Brand: DMM
Product Code: 25RSDLL19
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Try as we might to avoid it, there are occasions when we have to rely upon marginal gear placements. Whether that’s a small, but crucial wire, or a suspect ice screw placement is not important. What matters is that we can improve the odds of it holding under impact. The answer to this conundrum is the Ripstop.

These cleverly constructed quickdraws contain sections of weaker stitching that are designed to break when shock loaded. Each of the stitches that break absorbs some of the energy that would otherwise have been transferred into the marginal runner.

The overall effect is to reduce the peak impact force, which is a rather fancy way of saying that your gear is less likely to rip.

Keep one clipped to your harness; you never know when you’ll need it next.


  • Ripstop quickdraw for marginal placements
  • 16mm Nylon
  • Suitable for summer or winter use
  • Available in orange or grey
  • Variant Strength Cat No
    Ripstop 22kN 25RSDLL19


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